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Over 14 000 successful graduates are testimony to the support we provide each and every one of our students. Registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training, means that our students know that they are choosing a reputable and recognized accredited business college.

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Super Habits – 10 Habits to Boost Your Success

May 7, 2019

Super Habits 10 Habits to Boost Your Success Studies have indicated that an estimated 40% to 95% of what we do, we do out of habit. According to the Oxford Dictionary, habit is defined as something you do often and almost without thinking. Given that such a significant percentage of…

Manage Stress for Great Success

April 5, 2019

Stress is an inevitable part, especially if you are studying while working. We have all heard about the adverse effect of too much stress on our health and performance. However, the goal is not to eliminate stress, but rather to manage stress to maintain an optimal balance. The graph illustrates…

Personal Development Methods

March 11, 2019

Personal Development Methods Which combination will unlock your full potential? Everybody wants to be the best they can possibly be – “to become everything that they are capable of becoming”. In your quest to improve yourself here are some personal development techniques that you can mix and match to unlock…


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