12 Qualities of Successful People – #1 Courage and Confidence

We all want to be successful, and one way of achieving success in almost anything is to nurture and
grow within yourself those qualities that are characteristic to successful people in any field.

Among the most important qualities that many successful people share are courage and confidence.
These qualities give successful people the crucial ability to move forward despite fear and
uncertainty, trusting in their own ability to succeed.

Courage can be described as moving ahead, even though you are afraid. It means that you feel the
fear – whether it is a fear of failure, of the unknown or of uncertainty. Perhaps you are scared of
signing up for a training course because you might fail. Maybe you have not applied for a position,
because you don’t know if you have what it takes. Perhaps you are passing up on a great opportunity
because there are many uncertainties.

Courage means you feel the fear, but you go ahead anyway and do what needs to be done. You feel
the fear, but you still sign up for the course – and see it through. You feel scared, but you still upskill
online and apply for that position. You feel nervous, but you still grab what you know is a great

Confidence is believing or trusting in yourself. It means that you trust in your own ability to meet
life’s challenges and to succeed. Because you believe you can succeed, you are willing to act.
Knowing that success is possible, you reach higher, take action and keep going.

And that is why courage and confidence are so important for success: often we allow fear, self-doubt
or uncertainty to stop us from setting exciting goals, from taking the actions required, or from
persevering when faced with challenges.

So how can you build your confidence and courage to increase your own success?
Theodore Roosevelt provided this advice: “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage
and confidence in the doing”.

Know that you can grow your courage and confidence simply by starting small in doing things that
make you feel scared, uncomfortable or nervous. It might be taking a class or public speaking,
attending networking events or phoning prospective clients, learning a skill or tackling a long-term
project. Despite the fear, just start – start small, but set exciting goals. Take the actions required for
success. Increasing your capabilities. Persevere in face of challenges.

Every time you build your confidence and courage by doing something even though you feel scared,
you improve your chances of achieving your goals and succeeding in life.

This month, face a fear by signing up for a study course, taking music or art lessons, or applying for
that promotion, even if you fear that you might fail. Know that if you take the actions required for
success, and persevere in face of challenges, you will be successful.

As you build your courage and confidence, also look for helpful resources. A good place to start is an
enduring classic treasury of words of wisdom: Courage and Confidence – An Anthology by Norman
Vincent Peale. There are also countless inspiring stories of ordinary people who achieve
extraordinary success through facing their biggest fears and cultivating the qualities of courage and

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