12 Qualities of Successful People – #3 Accountability

Among the most important qualities of successful people is accountability.

What is accountability?
Accountability means that you take ownership of your life and responsibility for what happens because of your choices and actions.

Being accountable means that you don’t blame others and you don’t make excuses. Even if things go wrong, you are willing to take ownership of your role in the situation, to look for solutions, to say sorry if you made a mistake and to do what you can to make amends.

Accountability is recognising and accepting the truth that you – and only you – are responsible for you. Successful people know this and they do not shy away from the responsibility, but rather embrace accountability, realising how crucial it is to achieving success in every aspect of life.

Why is accountability so important?

From your health, happiness and relationships to your finances and career, accountability is crucial quality for success in every aspect of life.

This is because accountability leads to more positive social interactions and better relationships with family, friends and colleagues. If you practice accountability, you are also more likely to be trusted and respected at home and at work.

Personal accountability can also save time, trouble, and money, because people who take responsibility for their actions speak up, find solutions and answers, and take decisive action. This stops situations from deteriorating further, and prevents costs, lost time and problems from escalating.

“Until you take ownership for your life, you will always be chasing happiness.” – Sean Stephenson

Tips for cultivating accountability

While it sometimes can be tough to take personal accountability, here are some great tips to help you cultivate the quality of accountability in your life.

– Learn more about accountability and its role in creating success. A great place to start is this TEDx talk in which Charlie Johnson shares how he discovered the power of self-accountability and how it can change your life.

– Make the decision. The only person you can hold accountable is yourself. Becoming more accountable is a decision to be willing to answer for the results your choices, behaviours and actions. It is a decision only you can take.

– Get clarity about your roles and responsibilities, so you know exactly what you hold yourself accountable for, and prioritise these responsibilities intelligently, so you can manage your time and energy effectively.

– Surround yourself with like-minded people. Seek out and build relationships with other people who take accountability for their own choices and behaviours.

– Focus on your own role in every situation, and how you can resolve a problem or make things better.

– Regard mistakes and failures as opportunities to learn without blaming, making excuses or playing the victim.

– Be willing to admit and apologise if you are responsible for a problem or if you made a mistake, and do your best to make things right.

Implementing these tips are not difficult, and doing so will help you grow your personal accountability, which will significantly boost your chances of achieving your goals and succeeding in every area of your life, including your health, financial security, personal growth, education and relationships.

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