12 Qualities of Successful People – #4 Networking

Among the qualities of successful people, the ability to network ranks high in importance. In this article, we find out what networking is, why it is so important in achieving success and how to improve your networking skills immediately.

“Networking” can be defined as interacting with people you meet in different places to exchange information and develop long-term professional or social relations.

It is building and nurturing a network of relationships, or as Andrew Vest explains in a Forbes article: “In its purest form, it’s about people enjoying other people, communicating passions and connecting with others who share those passions. It’s about listening, figuring out what others need and connecting them with people you think can help, without any designs for personal gain. The most successful networkers build genuine relationships. They go beyond thinking, ‘What’s in it for me?’ and also ask ‘How can I help?’.”

Networking opportunities are all around us all the time. Despite COVID-19, there are many opportunities to connect at family events, gatherings, community events, work events and even online. LinkedIn is the best-known online networking site with 560 million users. The LinkedIn platform allows you to create a profile that enables others to find and connect with you, and it is a great place to start honing your networking skills.

Networking is  important

To be successful in today’s world, networking is a necessity. Networking stimulates innovation, collaboration, and improves your skill set, as well as keeping you on top of the latest trends in your industry. Networking can also open doors to more job and business opportunities, and increases your chances of meeting prospective mentors, partners, referrals and clients. You never know who someone may be able to connect you to or what you might learn.

“It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you.” – Susan RoAne

Tips for building networking skills

Here are three tips that can improve your networking skills, whether that be online or face to face.

  • The right approach – approach networking with enthusiasm, curiosity and an open mind about the possibilities. When you meet someone, be friendly and honest, asking questions and listening with interest.
  • The right focus – The focus is on making connections between people who may be able to help each other. Get clear on what talents, strengths, skill sets and connections you can bring to the table and how these can contribute to the success of the people you meet.
  • The right follow through – before leaving a conversation, open the door to future interactions by saying something like “if I can assist you with anything, please reach out to me or connect via LinkedIn” and share your business card. If you told someone you’d get in touch, or promised to introduce someone to a person you know, make sure you do it.
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