Among the qualities of successful people, resilience is one of the most important.

Resilience can be defined as being tough and flexible, having the ability to recover quickly from difficulties and challenges, and to bounce back fast from setbacks and adversity.

Why resilience is so important for success

There are many reasons why resilience is crucial to achieving success in life.

Firstly, resilience allows us to reframe adversity into something positive.  For example, regarding a setback as an opportunity to learn and grow or seeing a challenge as a signpost towards a better solution.

In this way, resilience enables a positive response to adversity and setbacks, so you can keep going and try again – a crucial skill in achieving any success. People who are unable to bounce back from adversity may respond to a setback by internalising the failure and giving up. Instead of quitting, resilient people respond more positively, focusing their energy on finding a better way, a different solution or another alternative.

Resilience also improves your capacity to accept setbacks and to adapt better to change, reducing the stress which negatively impacts performance in every area of our lives.

Fortunately, all of us have the power to develop resilience – like a muscle, it simply needs to be practised and strengthened every day.

How to become more resilient

  • Building resilience means being willing to fail, understanding that the road to success is paved with failures and that a failure is an opportunity to learn and grow – not a definition of who you are as a person.
  • Assume responsibility for your life and your own happiness. Instead of feeling victimised by external forces, realise you are in control of every single decision you make and that you can always make a different decision.
  • Use the power of positivity to avoid negativity mode every time you face a setback. A positive and optimistic attitude opens your mind to reframing events more constructively, alters your perceptions and relieves stress.
  • Build a support system of family and friends who can support, encourage and motivate you when things seem tough.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t wait for life to throw challenges at you – resilience is built when you do new, exciting and challenging things; break bad habits; and question your own beliefs about what is possible.
  • Look for the good and the funny. Even during the worst times, you can look for the humour in a situation or find something to be grateful for. Resilience is not just about surviving; it is also about enjoying the good amid adversity.
  • Believe in yourself. Remember, you have made it through difficulties before, and you can and will do it again.
  • Take good care of yourself to maintain an overall sense of well-being. Eating healthy food, getting enough sleep and enjoying exercise and time outdoors will build resilience to handle daily pressures as well as unexpected crises.

Building your resilience will undoubtedly boost your level of success in life. This TEDx Talk Resilience as a key to success will provide a helpful start.

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