A New Year – A Fresh Start

A New Year – A Fresh Start
Three Ways to Set Yourself up for Your Best Year Yet
Whether last year was a great study year or not for you, a brand new year lies ahead. It’s a fresh start, a blank book in which to write a new study story and to redefine who you are and what you want to achieve.
Here are three simple ways to set yourself up for your best year yet.
1. Fresh Start

Studies have shown that certain dates – most notably New Year’s and birthdays – have what is called a ‘fresh start effect’ on us.

These dates feel like a new beginning and motivate us to re-evaluate our lives and set new goals. Most importantly, these ‘fresh starts’ help us to separate our past selves (who have perhaps failed in certain ways) from our new selves, who are starting afresh to achieve new and previously unmet goals.

Use the highly motivating ‘fresh start’ of a new year to separate your 2019 self from who you were in 2018. Whether 2018 was great or not, 2019 is a new beginning and it does not have to be like last year. You can go into this new year with a fresh approach: a new you that is more experienced and more capable than ever before to meet the goals you have set.

2. Fresh Space

Few activities can generate the energy of a fresh start more than clearing clutter – physically and mentally.

Physically clearing your personal space and study area creates a clean, fresh area in which you can achieve new results this year. Get rid of all paper and stuff on your desk. File or scan what you need and recycle the rest. Re-organise your books and stationery and donate the rest.

Clearing out clutter mentally means learning from your experiences in 2018 to gain closure. Take time to “brain dump” – jotting down your thoughts about 2018’s mistakes, regrets and unaccomplished goals and remembering your 2018 achievements, accomplishments and successes. Write down what these experiences have taught you and how you can apply what you have learnt in the new year.

Then you can mentally shut the door on 2018 and, with a clear mind, turn your full focus to 2019.

3. Fresh Mindset

Studies show that our mindset – our beliefs and viewpoints – have a very real impact on how what we do daily and how we react to events.

If you believe, for example, that studying is difficult, that there isn’t enough time, that you don’t have what it takes or that it is a lonely struggle, it will affect your studies.

Now is a great time to refresh your mindset with new, more realistic beliefs and viewpoints that will help – not hamper – you. For example, studying is easier when you know how, and you can learn how. Time is limited for everyone, but you can manage your time better. You can realise that you do have what it takes and that help is always available. A fresh new mindset that is positive and empowering will reflect in your daily actions and in the way you respond to challenges.

With a fresh start, a fresh study space and a fresh mindset, 2019 is set to be your best year yet. And you are not alone – the Academy of York student support team is excited to help you achieve your goals this year and at the ready to provide fanatical support every step of the way.

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