About Us

Academy of York, A Business College for People with a Purpose.

Academy of York is an accredited Further Education and Training College established in 2006 and has over 14 000 successful graduates. Our students all have one thing in common they aspire for a better life, a better job, earning more or increased knowledge and skills. We understand the common challenges that many students experience during their studies which are time, money and motivation. Academy of York’s solution to these challenges by offering correspondence studying which is recognised as one of the most effective and proven study methods.

We offer our students the following education qualifications:

  • Skills Based Programmes
  • Short Courses
  • National Certificates
  • National Diplomas
  • Internationally Recognized Certificates

Our promise to you

An Accredited Education

We are registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training, this means that our students are choosing a reputable and recognised accredited business college.

Affordable Monthly Fees

We make it possible for you to study with our monthly plans

Fanatical Study Support

Our dedicated Fanatical Support team are available to keep you motivated to complete your studies


We celebrate your achievement with a graduation ceremony held once a year.