About Us

Academy of York, A Level-2 Business College for People with a Purpose

You’re fortunate. You’ve found your purpose. Maybe it’s in Human Resources. Maybe Office Administration. Maybe you’re driven to make a difference to people’s lives and are called to Life Coaching.  Whatever your purpose is, it gives direction to your life. We’ve got a purpose too. It is to realize yours through a high – quality education that will enjoy employer credibility. This is vital to success in today’s highly competitive job market where your most valuable asset will be an education from a respected institution. This is true for both job seekers and those wishing to advance their careers.

The Academy of York is an online, distance learning college that was established 16 years ago.  Since its inception, 17 000 students have graduated. Indeed, we’ve celebrated their achievements with enormous pride. And we feel especially honored to receive testimonials like this: “I had a wonderful journey with the Academy of York. The college opened doors for me.” Indeed, if there’s just one thing that our students have in common, it’s the opening of doors to a better job and a better life. We’re dedicated to empowering students to achieve this, through the following education qualifications:

  • Skills Based Programmes
  • Short Courses
  • National Certificates
  • National Diplomas
  • Internationally Recognized Certificates

Receiving a quality education to enjoy the benefits of a better job doesn’t come without sacrifices. Education is expensive in South Africa today – so this is a huge sacrifice. To help, the Academy of York provides installment plans. The second sacrifice is time. Time is an important resource that you need to invest in order to complete your studies. But rest assured, our courses get straight to the point – we won’t waste your time learning unnecessary stuff. And, of course, with distance online learning you can study whenever you want. The third sacrifice is motivation. With so little free time available that’s hard. But we’re confident that you’ll do whatever it takes. Because you’re a person with a purpose in life.

Our promise to you

We look forward to welcoming you to our Business College for People with a Purpose!