Academy of York Bursary

Apply for a Bursary to Study with Academy of York!

All our Academy of York students can apply for an Academy of York Bursary of up to 40% off the price of an Academy of York course, whether it is an online course or a distance course.

If you qualify for one of our bursaries, the balance of your student fees can be paid in easy-to-afford monthly instalments from as little as R350 per month.

1. What our Bursaries Include

Academy of York Bursaries cover up to 40% of the price of an Academy of York course.

2. Qualifying Criteria

Bursaries are offered to all students who want to study with Academy of York, even non-South African citizens, depending on the course you select.

3. Bursary Terms and Conditions?

If a student does not fulfil his/her obligations in terms of his/her study fees, the bursary is revoked, and the student is liable for the full cost of the course.

4. Apply NOW!

Simply complete the Bursary Form on this page and one of our friendly student advisers will contact you to let you know what bursary you qualify for. All students qualify for up to 40% off their course price.

Enquire Now

Academy of York Banking details

Bank Name: Absa Bank

Account Number: 4076 998 918

Branch Code: 632 005

Remember to use your ID as a reference when making a payment!

Pay the required Registration Fee for the course you have selected. You can do this via SnapScan (Download the app), Electronic Transfer (EFT), or at your Bank

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