Be your best in 2020

Be your best in 2020

There’s an app for that!

With the year-end holidays around the corner, many of us are starting to think about the New Year and the changes we would like to make for 2020 to be our best year yet. As we all know, what gets measured get managed, but how do you measure and manage many different changes across all the various areas of your life? The simple, modern answer is: there’s an app for it!

Below are some of the best-rated apps to help you implement the changes you want to make to be your best in 2020:

1. Your health and well-being

Improving your health and well-being will significantly and positively impact every other area of your life. The changes that are required are common knowledge: eat well and drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, manage stress proactively and avoid bad habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol. Whichever health goal you would like to achieve – there’s an app for that! From calorie counters to fitness trackers to free guided meditations to stop smoking programmes, apps such as MyFitnessPal and 8fit will push you to eat healthy meals, count your steps and let you personalise your workouts.

2. Your finances

We all want a more financially prosperous year in 2020. One of the best ways to achieve this is to take firm control of your finances. In doing so, you will improve not only your financial situation, but also your physical and mental health, and your relationships. Try apps such as 22seven or MyFinancialLife from Nedbank that let you link all your different accounts, including credit and store cards, investments, loans and rewards, to one platform to create and track your personalised budget, and to save and invest. These apps will help you to make simple changes in managing, saving and investing your money quickly and easily, and to boost your financial wellness in the new year.

3. Your personal growth and development

Whatever your personal growth and development goals are, you can only achieve them through new and empowering daily habits. A habit tracker app like the Apple Design Award winner, Streaks, allows you to create a to-do list that helps you form good habits and holds you accountable to your goals by encouraging you to build a streak of consecutive successful days. Whether it is reading a chapter of a book, playing with your kids, learning a new skill or studying, you can reach all your goals, one task at a time, in the year ahead.


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