Boost Your Productivity

Boost Your Productivity

Productivity can be defined simply as a measure of how effectively resources are used to produce outputs. Increasing productivity means doing more using fewer resources or, stated differently, using your resources – such as your time, energy and money – more effectively.

There are many benefits to improving your productivity as a person. Highly productive employees certainly enjoy more job security, as well as access to better wages and better opportunities. Productive people can also accomplish more – in their careers, in their studies and in their personal lives – in less time, freeing up more time for family, friends and fun, and improving their quality of life.

Increasing productivity is not a once-off exercise, but rather a state of mind focussed on finding ever better, faster and smarter ways of accomplishing tasks.

10 Top Tips for Maximum Productivity

  1. Positive Attitude
    With a positive, I-can-do-it mindset, you can 1 achieve anything, and motivated people can be up to 60% more productive.
  2. Take Care
    Your productivity is maximised when you are well-rested, healthy and fit, well-hydrated, and fuelled by eating the right foods.
  3. Have a List
    Each day, make a list of the tasks and activities, and 3 their timelines, for the day ahead. Consider what you can delegate, reschedule or delete.
  4. Prioritise
    For each task or activity, ask yourself: “Is this the best use of my time today?” to ensure you work on the most important tasks first.
  5. Plan and schedule efficiently
    Only so much can be done in one day. And during a day, we all have peak times when we have the most energy and low times when we feel less energetic. Schedule your tasks rationally – from your priorities, pick three big tasks that must be accomplished today and schedule them for your high energy time.
  6. Eat your “frog”
    Do the “worst” task first. Just tackle it first and get it over with, so it is no longer “hanging over you” and distracting you from focussing on other priorities.
  7. Focus on only one task at a time
    Multi-tasking wastes time. Concentrate on each step you complete and double-check that it is 100% right the first time.
  8. Settle the small tasks
    Quickly ticking off small items on your list will boost your motivation and confidence. If it will take less than 5 minutes, just do it, so it is out of the way.
  9. Batch together similar, repetitive tasks
    Such as replying to emails, attending meetings or checking reports – into time blocks. Schedule these activities for the times you are less energetic.
  10. Plan and schedule efficiently
    keep track of how you spend your time and how productive you are. Imagine and learn new, better, smarter and faster ways of doing things at home, work or study.

Implementing these 10 tips will help you boost your productivity significantly and become better, faster and smarter in accomplishing more in your career and studies and life, improving the quality of your life and freeing up more time for what is really important to you.

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