Boost your Study Success

Boost your Study Success
Six Surprisingly Simple Do’s and Don’ts
These six surprisingly simple do’s and don’ts are easy to implement and will significantly boost your study success.
Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals. ~ Jim Rohn
Do have a goal

Having a clear goal is both inspiring and motivating. Write down the goal you want to achieve through your studies. Perhaps it is to earn more, to get a better position, to start a new career or to build your own business. Put it up where you will see it every time you study and let it motivate you to get started and keep going.

Don’t procrastinate
Procrastination wastes time and creates stress. Beat procrastination by taking a small action – just opening the books you will need, simply reading through the requirements of an assignment or quickly glancing over the pages you need to read.
Do plan your studying

Include studying in your daily schedule. Set regular times to read, to complete assignments, to study and to review, and stick with this routine every week. A study timetable is very useful for keeping track of your tasks, assignments and study sessions and will help you break up the work into smaller chunks that are easier to manage.

Don’t lose your balance

Find a way to balance studying with work, life responsibilities and fun. A healthy lifestyle with enough rest, a healthy diet and regular exercise will boost your study success. Reward yourself for sticking to your schedule by going out with friends, watching an hour of television or playing a game.

Do manage your studying strengths and weaknesses
Everyone has different styles of learning. If you understand your studying strengths, you can maximise them and, by studying smarter, save a lot of time.
There are numerous study techniques to use individually or to combine, such as mind-mapping, outlining, flash cards, creating diagrams, reading out load, making colour-coded notes and study groups. Find the study system that works best for you in each subject.
Don’t do it alone

You don’t have to do it alone. Tap into the resources available to you, such as your lecturer, fellow students, student advisors and online sites. Ask questions, participate in study groups or discussions anddon’t be shy to ask for help.

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