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Academy of York’s Business Faculty offers a range of business courses for the student looking to explore a career in business administration, event management, project management and supply chain management. These business courses are perfect for students who want to blend their creative and interpersonal skills in a business environment. Adding value is one of the core values of the Business Faculty and offers business courses to students who are currently in the workplace and are looking to enhance their management skills.

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Success Stories‘’Studying with Academy of York was the best thing that has ever happened in my studying journey. The fees were very low and affordable. I enjoyed studying at my own pace and the study group made my studying easy and painless. In addition the textbooks were excellent, very informative and up to date. The tutor is an expert in his field and I appreciate the outstanding tutorial support that was provided. I have never seen or heard about a college that takes such great care and always keep contact with its learners like AOY! Thank you AOY for allowing me to achieve my goal!’’Moreblessing Samakande | Project Management