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Gain the skills to manage health and safety within any industry with Academy of York

By law, every workplace needs to put in place health and safety measures, in order to accomplish this, companies need to train skilled employees to implement and manage these measures. Negligence of Occupational Health and Safety laws can lead to serious impact on the workplace itself and financial implications for companies can be very costly. Due to the demand for occupational health and safety skills in the workplace, Academy of York has launched 3 fundamental health and safety courses.

Short Courses

SAIOSH Accredited Short Course

Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner Course  This is an NQF L5 aligned course is suited for those already working in the OHS environment wanting to get a Professional Designation, or those who want to get into this exciting world.

On successful completion of this occupational health and safety course, and with proof of 2 years working experience in this field, students can apply for the Professional Designation of TechSaiosh (Technical Member) with Saiosh, the SAQA accredited Professional Body for Occupational Health & Safety.

With more than 6 500 Members Saiosh is the leading source of information and networking opportunities within the Occupational Health and Safety profession. Saiosh is the choice for OHS professionals and practitioners in Southern Africa, dedicated to the advancement of the OHS profession, through research, promotion, education, social development, training, guidance and strong relationships with other OHS organisations.


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