Education the great equaliser

Education, The Great Equaliser
Harnessing the power of education to equalise disadvantages

In a world in which many people are disadvantaged, be it because of their gender, race, religion, socio-economic status or disabilities, education is a great equaliser.

“Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery. “~Horace Mann

Education provides anyone, regardless of their background or any ‘disadvantage’ they may have, an opportunity the level the playing field and to achieve on the basis of their own individual merit.

Those with no education are often limited to menial work that pays minimal wages. But the more you learn, the more you earn. High school graduates earn more than those with no or only primary school education, and college graduates can earn twice as much. There is no doubt that the more educated candidate has a better chance at being hired for a job, and the greater likelihood of being promoted to a higher position.


On the 28th July – we celebrated the Graduation of 149 Academy of York Students at the Graduation and Celebration held at the Apollo Hotel. It was a spectacular event with over 480 people celebrating that without education, your full potential will remain unrealised. Congratulations to our graduates we are so proud of your achievements!

The more education you have, the more opportunities are open to you and the more you can compete on an equal footing, despite the disadvantages you may face in life. Each level of education attained unlocks opportunities to increase your education even further; to qualify for even higher paying positions; and to earn ever more over the lifespan of your career.

Equalising Disadvantages through Education
1 Gender
This Women’s Month, we are starkly reminded of the gender inequality that still exists in South Africa and around the world. For example, SARS statistics indicate that women, on average, earn 25% less than men. A recognised qualification is your best weapon against this type of discrimination, giving you an edge over less qualified candidates, as well as bargaining power to negotiate equal pay.
2 Race
It is a sad reality in South Africa that highly suitable candidates for a position can be disqualified by their skin colour. However, the best defence against this discrimination is to ensure that you have qualifications, skills and knowledge that few other candidates can match, giving you an edge against the competition and access to wider opportunities.
3 Socio-Economic Situation
There are countless examples of people from impoverished or disadvantaged families who have persevered to raise themselves above their backgrounds, despite a lack of money, limited time to study while working and long distances to travel. That’s why at Academy of York, we make it affordable to get a recognised qualification that does not require travelling and give you fanatical student support.
While you are studying during the long, cold winter nights, remind yourself often that you are achieving far more than simply learning: you are proactively equalising disadvantages you may face!


  • By educating yourself.
  • By obtaining a qualification that will place you on an equal footing with the many others competing without any ‘disadvantage’ in the economy.
  • Giving yourself an edge over the thousands who have not harnessed the power of education to level the playing field for themselves.

Harness the power of education as the great equaliser to turn any disadvantages you face today in to an advantage that will give you an edge tomorrow!