Business courses for entrepreneurs and business owners - AOY

Entrepreneurial and Small Business Faculty

We offer courses for entrepreneurs and business owners:

  • Who strive to create and manage a successful small business
  • Want to turn a brilliant product or service into a successful business and need guidance and knowledge
  • Looking for guidance on understanding the similarities and differences between entrepreneurship, small business enterprises and small business management
  • Needing to learn how to develop a business plan
  • Wanting to learn a new skill in order to start your own business

National Certificates & Diplomas

Short Courses

What our students say about us

Success Stories‘’I am married with three children, but I’ve always wanted to be a Wedding Planner. When I saw Academy of York’s advert, I immediately decided to give them a call. From the moment I phoned them, it took only an hour to be registered, I was officially a student of Academy of York!!
I learnt a lot from this course. By the time I was busy with my second assignment, I was able to start my own business. After the third assignment, I had gathered so much knowledge from the course, that I could meet clients with the world of confidence.
I am now literally booked with events for the next 5 years. I will always be thankful to Academy of York, especially their staff, who are really there for you at all times. Thank you Academy of York!!’’Sunette Becker | Wedding Planner