Fast track your career success

Fast track your career success

3 Steps to achieve your career goals in 2020

Step 1: Clarify your career goals

Perhaps you want to increase your earning potential, qualify for a higher paying position or promotion, assume a leadership position in your company, become an expert in your field or win a prestigious industry award. Whatever goals you choose, write them down in simple, positive statements and add a realistic time frame.

Step 2: Write a to-do list

Write down what must be done to achieve each goal, breaking each task down into smaller, manageable steps.

You may need to acquire a specific new skill to qualify for a higher paying position. Perhaps you require a recognised qualification to get the promotion you are interested in. It may be that you need to improve your leadership or communication skills to take up a leadership position.

Achieving career goals almost always involves improving your skills, competencies and qualifications. “Soft” skills such as management or conflict management skills are often as important as vocational skills and recognised qualifications. In addition, continuous professional development is vital to remain up-to-date and current in your industry.

List the training and qualifications you will need to achieve each career goal you have set.

Step 3: Just do it!

Simply focus on the next item on your to-do list and get it done. For example, your first step might be to enrol for a short course or to begin studying towards a National Diploma or Certificate. Fortunately, in today’s modern digital world, it is easier than ever before to obtain the accredited training and qualifications you need even while you are working.

In fact, at Academy of York, we have helped thousands of working students to successfully manage both their work and studies with our flexible distance and online courses as well as our bursary programme, making it convenient and affordable to get the qualifications and skills they need.

Simply chat to an Academy of York student advisor who is ready and enthusiastic about assisting you in choosing the right course and providing fanatical study support every step of the way to achieving your career goals.

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