Good Health – The key to success

Good Health – The key to success

“Health is wealth” it is often said, and the importance of good health is reaffirmed each year on World Health Day, a global health awareness day celebrated annually on 7 April.

As unique individuals, we all have our own definitions of success and our own unique goals. But whatever these dreams and goals are, a healthy body and mind is certainly part of a truly successful life.

The reason is simple: when we enjoy good health, we have both the ability and energy to do the things we love most and to keep up with our responsibilities. In contrast, bad habits such as smoking, eating poorly, skipping workouts, sleeping too little or too much, or gaining weight decreases our energy, making it difficult to produce the results we want in life.

It is also easier to maintain a positive, resilient mindset if you enjoy good mental health. Caring for your mental health also requires getting enough sleep, enjoying regular social engagement and practicing stress management.

Top tips for good health

1. Sleep

Sleep is critical for physical energy and for a clear head, effective communication and peak performance. You owe it to yourself, your family and your co-workers to stay well-rested and alert.

2. Exercise

The best way to exercise your body is to pick an activity you enjoy – anything from walking your dog to taking up dancing or tennis – and do it at least three times a week. Exercise will help keep your weight under control, strengthen your bones, protect your joints, boost your energy levels and increase blood flow to your brain, keeping you sharp and alert.

3. Eat Healthy

The benefits of eating right are well-known – it increases your energy levels and allows you to think more clearly. Eating right is as simple as having five fruits and vegetables – as well as plenty of water – each day, while limiting meat consumption and avoiding processed foods, preservatives and alcohol.

You can grow the wealth that your health is with proper sleep, good nutrition and exercise. You’ll be rewarded with more energy, greater focus, increased discipline and higher productivity: everything you need to achieve the dreams and goals you have set for yourself.

Here’s to your good health – and success!

Achieving your study goal is easier if you are in good health, and even easier with the enthusiastic assistance of Academy of York student advisors and student support team. We are ready to help you choose the ideal course to achieve your study goals and to provide fanatical support every step of the way.

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