Spring Forward in your Career

Self-confidence is the secret ingredient most successful people have in common. It’s true; the difference between success and failure could be a good dose of self-confidence. As we enter into spring, we encourage you to look at your levels of self-confidence and the impact this confidence has on your studies, work and life in general.

Self-confidence is defined as “a state of mind or a manner marked by a faith in oneself and freedom from uncertainty”. It can be said that self-confidence is the difference between feeling scared out of your wits, and feeling unstoppable. From the quietly confident doctor whose advice we rely on, to the charismatic confidence of an inspiring speaker, self-confident people have qualities that everyone admires.

Self-confidence is extremely important in every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find their inner source of confidence and sadly, this can be a vicious circle, as people who lack self-confidence find it difficult to become successful.

Self-confident people inspire confidence in others, their colleagues, managers, customers, and friends. So just how confident are you? Your level of self-confidence can show in many ways; your behaviour, your body language, tone of voice, words you use, what you say etc. The good news is that self-confidence is a skill that can be learned and enhanced. And, the benefits show that it’s well-worth the effort!

6 Simple steps to build your confidence
  1. Focus on the Positive: Self-confident people are positive – they believe in themselves and their abilities!
  2. Focus on the Present: “Where are you in your life right now?” Write a list of all your achievements. If you have already taken a step and started studying, well done! That in itself is an accomplishment. If you have completed your first assignment or course – congratulations! Remember, “Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” Thomas Carlyle
  3. Setting and achieving goals is a vital to building your confidence. “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” Dale Carnegie
  4. Dress for Success: Confident people make sure that they make an effort with their personal appearance on a daily basis.
  5. Smile: Look in the mirror and practise to smile. Studies show that the expressions on your face encourage your brain to feel happier.
  6. Fake it till you make it: Acting confident, walking with a purpose, and “pretending to be a confident person” makes a person actually become more confident.
Benefits of improving your self-confidence
  • Having the confidence to ask your manager for feedback
  • The ability to share your successes and accomplishments with your supervisor
  • Successfully getting a job
  • A promotion of your dreams!

Self-confidence sets you apart and can improve your chance of future success. Positive thoughts and self-confidence sets winners apart from losers.


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