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Fast Track and Develop your Career in Human Resources with an Affordable
and Quality Education with Academy of York

Academy of York offers a variety of Human Resources Courses, National Certificates and Diplomas. These courses are designed to teach and empower you with knowledge on the fundamentals of human resources and be able to apply this knowledge in the workplace

Over 10000 Students choose Academy of York, for the Quality, Affordable Education and Support they receive human-resources-op

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Success Stories

“I have really enjoyed studing at Academy of York, I find their newsletter in particular very infomative. I can safely say the institution is recognised by the S.A Higher learning department, ever since I completed the HR course I have attracted lots of interest from many oganisations. I must tell you that management was very impressed with my C.V., even my communications skills have improved, thanks all to the Academy of York….!!!”Vincent

“Well, I enjoyed studying at my own pace. The study material was perfect and I managed to study without running around asking for assistance. I really enjoyed my Human Resources course with Academy of York.”Innocentia

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