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Love – Hate relationship at work


February is upon us, a month scented with roses and filled with love, passion and romance. Ask yourself the question: Do you love your job? So often I hear people saying just how much they “hate” the work that they do. The feeling of love or hate is one of the most intense human feelings and if you are thinking just how much you dislike or despise your job, then perhaps it is time for a change in your work, career, employer or attitude.Is it the tasks, people or the culture of the organisation? Create a list of all the pros and cons of your job and list all the positives and negatives. This will help you figure out whether the things that are making you unhappy are related to you personally versus the actual position. For example, if you are finding work stressful, this could be part of your personality to “stress” easily and this same stress may follow you onto the next position.Communication is the key to finding a solution so if you are able to discuss what is making you unhappy, there may be a win-win solution for both you and the company. The truth is, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Never quit your job impulsively unless you have another job that is guaranteed. Our country’s unemployment rate is 26% and each year thousands of matriculants enter the job force looking for work. So do your research and remember that no job is perfect.

If you are truly stuck in a rut at work and unhappy with the actual work you are doing, start to think about what you would like in your career. Think about your personal assets and skills and what you love to do. Do you have the skills to be able to get ahead and climb the corporate ladder? Why not let our student advisors help you get ahead with the right course from Academy of York, simply click here to get started. The hours of unhappiness at work tick by slowly when you are doing something that makes you unhappy, but time flies if you are happy and engaged in your job.

The reality is we all work to earn a living. It may be that your job is not ideal but with a little attitude adjustment you can be happier at work. By focusing on the positive points at work you will be happier and more content and success will follow naturally. “Success is 1% ability and 99% attitude.” Whether you love or hate your job, the key is to be professional always. While you are employed, do the best you can do and even if you plan to leave, do so on a positive note. Don’t burn bridges as you never know when your paths may cross again in the future.If you are happy with your employer but unhappy with your role, then open your eyes to look for opportunities within the company. If you have proven to be a valuable employee your company won’t want to lose you. “Job crafting is the art of reworking your job description in order to use your strengths at work,” according to Dr Brooks, director of Career Services at the University of Texas.Lastly spend some time thinking of your career goals and where you want to be in the next 5-10 years. Does your current role and the experience you are gaining help you towards reaching your goal? Do you need any additional skills in order to reach your career goal? Why not register for a course now and start to work towards that goal and dream. Confucius said it best: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
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