Marketing & Customer Management

This SABPP accredited course explores the relationship between a company and its clients and the role marketing and customer service play in the success of that company.  With the increase in review based shopping and word of mouth recommendations, understanding the impact customer service plays in developing a brand identity for a company is essential in marketing

Marketing and Customer Service Management forms part of every segment of a business irrespective of the products or services they offer.  This course will provide students with an understanding of the basic principles of marketing and customer service.  It is suited to entrepreneurs or those needing an understanding of basic marketing and customer service concepts and marketing

Course Overview

  • An overview of marketing management
  • An overview of the marketing environment
  • An overview of marketing and major markets
  • An overview of marketing segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Understanding consumer behaviour
  • Market research and information management
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Presenting a marketing related argument
  • An overview of customer service
  • Understanding customer experience management
  • Conducting a situational needs analysis
  • An overview of customer relationship management
  • Behaviour and personality factors influencing customer relationships

Academy of York students will receive continuous information and support, over and above the prescribed course material, to assist students achieve in their studies. Students will have 6 months to complete this SABPP accredited and NQF aligned short course.

Study period: up to 6 months                                                                                     

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements

Assessment and Award

This qualification will be assessed by means of a Summative Assessment assignment and there are no exams. A mark of 65% is required to pass this SABPP accredited and NQF aligned short course.

AOY Accreditation

Academy of York is accredited by FASSET SETA, SAIOSH, HWSETA, SABPP, PMSA, CompTIA, COMENSA and the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), and is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a Private College.

This course is accredited by SABPP, South African Board for People Practices. The SABPP is a SAQA recognized professional body, and regulates statutory quality and standards for People Professions.

Course Name: Marketing & Customer Management (SABMCM)
Price Before bursary R8,333
Price after bursary R5,000*
Once off payment price R4,500
Payment Plan R350 over 14.3 months
Registration Fee R800

*Prospective students need to contact Academy of York to determine if they qualify for a bursary

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