Mid-Year motivation

Halfway to your 2020 goals? Get back on track!

As we head into the second half of 2020, we should be halfway to achieving our goals for 2020, right? Well, even in the best of years, few of us are halfway to our annual goals by July. And this year, thanks to the Corona-virus disruptions, even fewer of us are likely to be at the halfway mark right now.

The good news is that the three great tips below will help you amp up your mid-year motivation to achieve your 2020 goals – even if you have to revise or adapt your goals, refine your approach or adjust your timelines.

1. Measure your progress

Which goals have you made progress on? Which goals are you struggling with? Remember that measuring progress involves looking at the numbers.

For the goals you have made no progress on, ask yourself why? Is it really what you want to accomplish? Does it really excite you? What is standing in your way?

For the goals you have made progress on, look at how you did it and if you can apply this to the goals you’re struggling with.


2. Refine your approach

So, what exactly are you doing to achieve each of your goals? What specific actions are you taking? How often? Is it working? Does it take too much time? How can you streamline your actions? Is it time for a different angle or plan of attack? How can you adapt your goals to the new economic and health conditions we are experiencing with Covid-19?

Plan ahead for the second half of the year by refining your actions and tactics and then schedule time to do it. Keep the momentum going with one small action every day – at least one thing that will get you closer to your goal – even if that is simply making a phone call, signing up for a course, discussing your goals with a friend, or asking for help.

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” Robert Collier

3. Adjust your timeline

Midway through the year is the ideal time to step back and re-assess your goals and progress. Did some steps take longer to complete than estimated? Did you progress more quickly on other aspects? How do you need to adjust your timeline for the last six months of the year?

It may be necessary to prioritise certain goals and to reschedule deadlines for the accomplishment of other goals. Focus on your biggest and most important goals first. Break them down into smaller time-based single action goals and schedule these priority actions first.

But don’t give up on those goals you may have to reschedule – simply adjust your timeline and continue working toward your new deadline, taking one small action at a time.

Implementing these three tips, you can adapt your goals, refine your approach and adjust your timelines and put yourself back on track to achieving your goals for 2020!


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