Purchasing Management

 A Purchasing Manager is responsible for buying or approving the acquisition of goods and services needed by their company. The position responsibilities may be the same as that of a buyer or purchasing agent, or may include wider supervisory or managerial responsibilities.

A Purchasing Manager may oversee the attainment of materials needed for production, general supplies for offices and facilities, equipment, or construction contracts. A Purchasing Manager often supervises purchasing agents and buyers, but in small companies the Purchasing Manager may also be the purchasing agent or buyer.

Purchasing Management includes the following responsibilities:

  • Seeking reliable vendors or suppliers to provide quality goods at reasonable prices;
  • Negotiating prices and contracts;
  • Reviewing technical specifications for raw materials, components, equipment or buildings;
  • Determining quantity and timing of deliveries; and
  • Forecasting upcoming demand.

Course Overview

  • Perform all basic purchasing functions
  • Establish an effective purchasing system
  • Identify the best suppliers
  • Reduce costs for your company
  • Work with other staff members on purchasing activities
  • Identify how purchasing impacts company profitability

Foundational skills for new purchasing professionals

This course is designed for new purchasing professionals and will ground you in the basics of purchasing as it is practiced in the contemporary business world.

Study period: up to 9 months 

Assignment based. No tests. No exams.

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AOY Accreditation

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This course is approved by Academy of York.

Course Name: Purchasing Management (PRC01S)
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