Safety and Security Management

This is a comprehensive Safety and Security course that covers BOTH Safety AND Security due to the high demand for a combination of Safety and Security skills.

Safety Management

Health and Safety Management in the workplace has seen incredible advances in the last 30 years. Without question, considerable safety challenges remain. This unique course will help you take stock of where you are at currently, and also help plan for a safer future. The Safety Management of this course will teach you, among other aspects:

  • Current Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in South Africa
  • Who is responsible for workplace safety programs
  • Critical connections and work site analysis
  • Basic definitions of workplace safety programs and their purpose
  • Challenges for those practicing safety management
  • Safety and Special Hazards

Security Management

Security Management is a must-have for South African business owners. No business owner can go without the proper skilled security personnel on their staff. The Security Management training was developed to include topics like:

  • The different duties of a Security Guard
  • Confidentiality and safekeeping of information
  • Dealing with difficult or angry people
  • Maintaining a professional appearance in public
  • The use of Public relations principals
  • Communicating without discrimination
  • Develop observation skills of a security guard

Job Security
Safety and Security Management training prepares students for careers in a myriad of industries. There are numerous fields that require personnel solely focused on the safety of the work environment. As someone working in the safety field, your job could entail monitoring dangerous workplace activities, ensuring that all safety protocols are in place and being enforced and inspecting a building to make sure it is safe to occupy. Careers in safety and security management are meaningful and rewarding.

Study period: up to 9 months   

Assignment based. No tests. No exams.
All you have to do to get started is to register. You will receive your course material within 10 to 12 working days of registration, after which you start studying towards your Academy of York certificate. There are NO exams, NO tests, only assignments that you can complete from the comfort of your own home.
AOY Accreditation
Academy of York is accredited by FASSET SETA, SAIOSH, HWSETA, SABPP, PMSA, CompTIA, COMENSA and the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), and is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a Private College.

This course is approved by Academy of York.

Course Name: Safety and Security Management 
Price Before bursary R8,750
Price after bursary R5,250*
Once off payment price R4,725
Payment Plan R350 over 15 months
Registration Fee R600

*Prospective students need to contact Academy of York to determine if they qualify for a bursary

What our students say about us

Bongani-N-Mchunu‘’It has been a wonderful experience to study Safety and Security Management at Academy of York. I have realised that without studying and gaining more knowledge one can never improve in life. Through the knowledge I have gained from the Security Management course, I can offer more at my workplace than just be there as one of the employees. If ever I decide to study further Academy of York is going to be my first choice institution to study at. Also, thank you for the support and replies to all my questions when I needed clarity on some topics from the study guide and question papers.’’Bongani N Mchunu