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Skills Development, Changes in the BEE codes

Maximising Employees Potential


  • Presenteeism costs companies millions on an annual basis. Think about it, employees who are just doing the basics but are not florishing and reaching their true potential.
  • The truth is that if you are in a job you love, you will be more likely to succeed
  • When you are doing something you love – time seems to go quickly – when time goes slowly, chances are you are doing something that feels like a chore.
  • Encouraging employees to learn while they work, encourages creativity and a culture of learning and development
  • “Love what you do, Do what you love”

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Skills Development, Changes in the BEE codes

The new proposed BEE codes, which come into effect in 2014, change the elements in the BEE scorecard from seven to five elements. This, however, is not a reduction but rather a rearrangement of the elements. Skills development is now a priority element with a points weighting of 20 points. Other priority elements are enterprise and supplier development. Enterprise and supplier development has the highest rating at 40 points, as opposed to ownership which has only 25 points. In order to attain a level 4 certification, which is an acceptable level in order to do business with government, a company needs to score 80 points. Full marks for skills development and enterprise development will earn 65 points towards the 80 points. 

In order to gain the 20 skills development points, companies have to provide targeted training solutions

Academy of York has developed a holistic solution to assist transformation managers to gain the maximum amount of skills development and enterprise development points effectively and efficiently, while assisting suppliers in becoming sustainable companies delivering standardised, high quality products or services.

Rather than do skills development and enterprise development in isolation or silos, it is now possible to assist suppliers through a total solution.

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