Spring into Action

Six great tips for getting your studies back on track

If you have slipped behind with your study schedule during the long winter nights, or if life simply got in the way of your study plans progressing as expected, spring into action with these six great tips to get your studies back on track.

1 Remind yourself why you are studying

Remember your goal: improving your qualifications, increasing your skills and becoming more educated will give you access to better-paying positions, promotions, partnerships and success in your career. Just remind yourself how rewarding it will be when you reach your goal. With your goal clear in your mind, each study session takes you one step closer to achieving it.

2 Get re-organised

Get your studies re-organised. Tie-up those urgent loose ends and deal with anything important that you have left undone. Sort through stacks of loose papers, tidy up your notes and books and order your study materials.

Make a list of subjects you’re behind in. List the topics you need to revise. Order these by starting with the subjects or topics you’re weakest at. Then schedule time to catch up, using a diary, a planner or an online organisation app.

3 Set realistic expectations

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when facing a backlog. Be realistic about your expectations. You may not be able to catch up on everything, but you can catch up on the most important work. Start with one or two topics or tasks per day at first, building up to a fuller schedule.

4 Set up a functional workspace

A work space that is functional, quiet, clean and distraction-free will help you make every minute of studying count. Make sure that you have good light, a comfortable chair and desk, and all the cables, connections and equipment you need.

5 Start by starting

Getting started is always the hardest part. Begin by making mini-goals scheduled over 5-minute periods. For example, start with easy tasks like opening your book, reviewing your notes, or reading the instructions for a project. Then transition to 5-minute increments where you’re doing segments of work. Once you start, you’ll find it’s easier to keep going.

6 Utilise support services

Tapping into support structures will help minimise stress and make staying committed to your studies easier.

If you don’t understand the work, email your trainer or assessor to clear up any confusion. Tap into student forums to ask questions and gain inspiration from other students. Speak to AOY’s student support team, who pride themselves on providing you with fanatical support every step of the way.

Most students slip behind with their study schedules at some point. Don’t let it deter you from accomplishing your goal. Simply follow these six steps and get your study plan – and your plans for the future – back on track today.