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Silindile Hlongwa

” A BIG thank you to Academy of York for making my dreams come true! It wasn’t always easy working full time and studying for two Diplomas at the same time, HR Management and Labour Relations! It took determination, hard work and long nights! But thanks to the encouragement of Academy of York, a special thank you to Michelle Germishuys as you had so much patience with me, you encouraged me and guided me where I needed help. I would definitely recommend Academy of York to anyone who wants to study in an environment where you are not just treated as a number, they really care about you as a person. You guys Rock!” Ivonne Erasmus

Silindile Hlongwa

“II have always found working and studying to be challenging so when I wanted to resume my studies last year, AOY was exactly what I needed to make juggling between the two easier. The online support and assignment forums are amazing. I felt like help was always available and right at my fingertips. Everyone at AOY has been truly phenomenal from the Student Advisors to the Course Co-ordinator. Best of all, the courses offered by AOY is so affordable. So this year, I am excited about studying again and of cause AOY is my ONLY choice for creating the future I want!” Anthea Bantom

Silindile Hlongwa

“What a journey! You have to be disciplined with yourself, because this journey is about YOU!!! I am so thankful that I did this journey and already registered for my degree this year. Thank you Academy of York, for all your assistance and guidance, especially Michelle. I can now say with pride, I made it! Yay!! Proud…” Heidi Hartley

Silindile Hlongwa

“It is not easy to study while you are working, but with the great assistance from AOY Assessors & assistants, they make studying easy and enjoyable.” Sizwe Skade

Silindile Hlongwa“The prospect of a new beginning and brighter future motivated and inspired me to get up early and stay up late, work hard and achieve my goals. No, Achieve success! Believing in your abilities will make everything seem worth it. “At first they will ask you why you’re doing it. Later they will ask you how you did it” Charne van den Berg Silindile Hlongwa“Just wanted to tell you that after I studied event management and getting some experience here and there. I have finally landed a job in marketing with my event management qualification. It is a permanent position as well. Now I just need to get more experience with my wedding planning.” Kelly Maasdorp

Kelly “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for offering a great site and more importantly, investing in great people like Mike. He was kind enough to send a message about courses, available items and explaining the how’s, what and when. He answered all of my questions promptly, about my Course details and what my options were; since Without any hesitation, Mike was very efficient and quick updated me on all AOY have to offer me. In this day and age it’s difficult to find people who genuinely care about real customer service. It is pleasantly apparent to me, that you have someone who does, in Mike!.” Margie Kelly Silindile Hlongwa “I studied Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns course with Academy of York last year, which I passed very well. The service from students advisors was excellent. The technical support team was very helpful to me. They assisted me remotely to install Payroll Software on my laptop using Team Viewer. Academy of York is a very professional college my course is registered under the International Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). Today I am working as a Secretary and Payroll Administrator at a small local clinic called Matikwe PHC.” Silindile Hlongwa

J.J. Bronkhorst“I am a 52 year old male and have done the walk in life already. I thought I’ve seen it all and cannot be taught anything more till I enrolled with Academy of York. I was guided by professionals such as Mike and Vuyelwa, who I thank from the bottom of my heart. The Facilities/Operations Manager qualification I obtained will surely add to my qualifications and also made me realise one is never too old to study. So to all the young fellow students out there………good luck and remember”knowledge is power!” J.J. Bronkhorst Madelein-Smit“Studying with Academy of York was the best thing that has ever happened in my studying journey. The fees were very low and affordable. I enjoyed studying at my own pace and study group makes my studying easier and painless. In addition the textbooks were excellent, very informative and up to date.The tutor is an expert in the project management field and I appreciate the outstanding tutorial support that was provided. I have never seen or hear about a college that takes care and always keep contact with its learners like AOY. I felt important and got quick responses when I had questions. Thank you AOY for allowing me to achieve my goal in a simple and less frustrating way.” Moreblessing Samakand

Madelein-Smit“When I first read about Academy of York in the newspaper, I contacted them by email and since then our very good relationship started. The friendly student advisors were so helpful in assisting me through the whole process, from providing me with answers to helping me choose the correct course. I cannot thank them enough.”
Derick Truter | HR Management & Practice Support
Mojalefa-Rapao.jpg“When I first began studying with Academy of York I was unemployed. Opportunities were few and I knew that I had to do something to change my life. So armed with nothing but a burning desire to learn new skills and do something to change my future, I enrolled for a Life Coaching course.” Mojalefa Rapao Read More

Madelein-Smit“I really enjoyed studying with Academy of York by getting the full attention that I needed from day one up to the day I completed my course. I am ready to go for another Course. Today, I am a manager, AOY is the place to be. Lots of thanks to Rita-Mae and the Team.” Digoke Sithole Madelein-Smit“My experience was great. The student Advisor Al has been the best thing that has happened to me. The assistance and courage she gave me is beyond words. Not forgetting Kirosha who had been patient and easy with me with my assessments. My Tutor Jack treated me with respect and understanding.Thank you so much everyone.” Zethu Gumede

Madelein-Smit“The great thing about online learning for me is that it keeps one motivated, with deadlines you have to find time to study and that’s great because now all students will actually finish their course. Loving this challenging but rewarding course!!” Madelein Smit Madelein-Smit“After studying for my Life Coaching certificate with AOY I find I use what I learnt on a daily basis, at work, at home and during social interactions. I’d like to thank the Principal and his amazing staff at AOY for their support, guidance and the professional way in which they treat their students. A special thanks to my student advisor who was wonderful and really put me at ease. Should I decide to take up another course I’ll definitely do it through Academy of York! Thank you all for the great experience and good luck into the future.” Cathy Oberholzer

Madelein-Smit“Online has been a different experience to the traditional correspondence I am used to. It is a much faster paced environment but the AOY online portal is user friendly, easy to navigate and super-efficient. Also the assignment submissions are very basic to submit. It saves a lot of time and money by enabling us to directly upload to the portal instead of going and posting etc. All in all, I think, online is definitely the way of learning in the future” Candice Thompson Madelein-Smit“I thought that attempting to get a qualification, at age fifty, meant that I was completely insane or a daredevil, but Academy of York’s online studies has made my studying experience a walk in the park. I can work in my own time, at my own pace and from wherever I am. No regrets. Thank you AOY”Nicchi Pillay | HR Diploma Online

Madelein-Smit“I had a wonderful journey with Academy of York,the college opened doors for me, and I am now a fully-fledged SHE Rep Officer! The student advisors are amazing and very accommodating.The monthly newsletters inspired me to persevere and got a promotion in just 3 months on the course. I would strongly advise all the SHE REPS to enroll for this course as it will open doors for them too.” Leighurvyn Booysen Thabo-Masina“I studied International Business and Performance Management in 2008 and International Human Resources and Labour Relations in 2009. 2008 I was recruited at the Department of Education and was a temp until I was permanently employed in April 2009. April 2014 marks my 5th year at this company and I have been offered jobs within the department and acted in different positions, I had an opportunity to choose my own career thanks to the Academy of York, I am now a successful Government Official at the Gauteng Department of Education and I am happy with my job. Studying with Academy of York was the best decision I have ever made.” Daneillia (Department of Education)

Isaac“This course taught me to problem solve, and has given me knowledge in everyday life in a commercial environment.Isaac (Financial Management Course) Gilbert-Musengi“Making time to study while working full time is not an easy task. Having Academy of York facilitate this in a painless way made it that much easier to complete my Financial Management course in my spare time. Well done AOY!” Gilbert Musengi (Financial Management Course)

Melissa-As a first time student at the Academy of York I would like to thank the Academy of York team for the chance given to further my studies in 2012. I am so blessed to have the knowledge and confidence to perform in other HR departments. I have always been assisted during the whole year by my student advisor who did a great job. The Study material were practical in order to understand what was expected from me in this field. Rest assure that the knowledge I got from the Academy Of York is already making a difference at my workplace and personal life. It helped me to become more organised and confident. Thanks to AOY.” Melissa (Human Resources Management and Labor Relations Course) Percy“The course brought my attention to a lot of issues which concern me as an employee and now I now know is expected of me from my employer. It has also enabled me to develop my skills and knowledge it took me one step closer to a promotion. It teaches me to solve problems on my own abilities and gives me encouragement to study more.” Percy (Human Resources Management and Labor Relations Course)

Vincent“I have really enjoyed studying at Academy of York, I find their newsletter in particular very informative. I can safely say the institution is recognised by the S.A Higher learning department, ever since I completed the HR course I have attracted lots of interest from many organisations. I must tell you that management was very impressed with my C.V., even my communications skills have improved, thanks all to the Academy of York….!!!”Vincent (Human Resources Management and Labor Relations Course) Sindisiwe-Managing a project already without any qualification has been a challenge in some of the things that one needs to put together when doing budget and operational plans. I tried my best and was very much successful but I needed something to show of with so I decided to do Project Management Course with Academy of York and through dedication I have passed my certificate. I’m proud of myself and wish that everybody who reads this to have confidence in themselves and take “risks” and for the fact that its a risk you will be careful and aim at coming out of safely. AOY offers bursaries for which they aim at making ones dream come true,ask me about it its true. Change your life now, tomorrow its its a little too late” Sindisiwe (Project Management Course)

Louisa“I enjoyed studying @ my own pace and having all the support i had. No stress of exams but rather just assignments and reaching my goal in a simple and less frustrating way. Having enough time to submit my work,i was able to multitask,and when my finances allow me study again,i wouldn’t hesitate to study with AOY again. Thank you i now have a certificate in Project Management.” Louisa (Project Management Course) mosa“I gained experience in project management technique. now i can apply them in practicals because i work as a project administrator.”Mosa (Project Management Course)

Annette-Smith-I am currently studying towards Financial Accounting NQF L6 and just wanted to share with you how AOY has changed my life.
A little bit on my background; I am 27 years old, work full time, and am a wife and business owner. I started working at a financial company while completing my B.Com degree in IT Management. I really enjoyed the challenge and working with figures and so decided to get something more behind my name to further me in the financial field…” READ MORE
Thabo-Masina-“My experience with the college was good and I have never seen or hear about a college that takes care and always keep contact with its learners like AOY. I felt important and while doing the course with all the support I got and quick responses when I had questions, looking forward for my next course, much love” Thabo Masina

Misty-“I can only say positive things about AOY. When I dealt with AOY telephonically, I was dealt with in a very friendly and professional manner, they did not at any time make me feel like: “oh no not another one with questions”.The payment structure suited me and payments always reflected on all statements. Lastly even though I have finished the course and am not currently studying, I still receive updates which makes you feel as if AOY has my best interests at heart. Thank you Academy of York!”Misty (Account & Bookkeeping Course) Bongani-N-Mchunu-“It has been a wonderful experience to study Safety and Security Management at Academy of York. I have realised that without studying and gaining more knowledge one can never improve in life. Through the knowledge I have gained from the Security Management course, I can offer more at my workplace than just be there as one of the employees. If ever I decide to study further Academy of York is going to be my first choice institution to study at. Also, thank you for the support and replies to all my questions when I needed clarity on some topics from the study guide and question papers.” Bongani N Mchunu

Roshini- “I have never enjoyed a course so much. The textbooks were excellent and very informative. I apply the knowledge that I have learnt during my course in the workplace daily. I would like to commend my adviser Mike he was a pleasure to work with, he took me thought the course step by step. I would recommend your college to anybody, anytime.
Once again thank you, I will definitely do another course next year. Well done, keep up the good work” Roshini Kamfer
Xoliswa-Dyonasi“I would like to take this time to thank AOY, I registered for one of their Admin courses and I must say that I see the bright future already. I would like to thank Mike Arendse for his great assistance, I never met such a wonderful, professional and always willing to help person. I started my communication module and few weeks back I went for a job interview, it was so great I never had such confidence before but know only with one module I’m doing so well and I got a new job and I’m looking forward to take another course after this one Thank you very much AOY and Mike Arendse.” Xoliswa Dyonasi

lerato-“I would like to thank the college for enlightening me with so much knowledge, education is really the key to success. I am empowered more than what I thought I could be. I would like to also thank Mary Samson (My Motivator), she encouraged and inspired me to do a lot in my life. Mary is an asset to Academy of York College. Truly!!! Thank you so much.” Lerato Rampai Tebogo-
“Firstly I’d like to say thank you for everything that you’ve done for me I really gained a lot of knowledge, and the course was awesome thank you!”Tebogo


Thokozani“I got a promotion from stores controller to be a buyer.!” Thokozani (Buyer at Mpact)