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  • ao-successful-Future

    Stepping into a Successful Future

    Have you achieved what you set out to achieve in 2017? Earlier today I was
  • What does the future of work look like?

    What does the future of work look like?

    What does the future of work look like? This newsletter is based on a video
  • aoy_banner2_september

    Spring Forward in your Career

    Self-confidence is the secret ingredient most successful people have in common. It’s true; the difference
  • august_banner2_2017

    Practise makes perfect and mentorship magic

    On the 29th of July 2017, 163 students participated in the Academy of York Graduation
  • ICB-Top-Achievers2-June-Exams-2017

    ICB Top Achievers June Exams 2017

    Rachel Pienaar Bookkeeping to Trial Balance Judith Van Der Merwe Bookkeeping to Trial Balance Lynnette
  • aoy-born-to-lead

    4 Leadership qualities to implement in our lives

    One of the things that many of our students have in common is that they
  • banner2-winter-warm-ups

    Winter Warm Ups

    Before any game, event or sporting challenge, no matter the sport or the weather, athletes
  • aoy-march-banner-2017

    What Successful People do?

    One of my favourite ways to start my day at work is to google tips
  • aoy-march-banner-2017

    The Big Why?

    Ever wondered why some people succeed where others fail? Just this past week at a
  • AOY-banner-Jan-2017

    Study Today Earn, More Tomorrow

    Bring on the New Year! Do you love the thought of a new beginning, goal
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“It is a bonus when people find out that you are studying. My confidence has increased and I feel so much more empowered with the knowledge I have gained. Many people believe that it's a difficult to study via correspondence, however with Academy of York, the assistance, friendly and immediate response made it a pleasure to study with Academy of York. " Feedback from Henry

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"The knowledge I got from the Academy Of York is already making a difference at my workplace and personal life. I was assisted by a student advisor through the whole year. Thanks to AOY. " Feedback from Melissa

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“Academy of York is the best correspondence college ever. Actually it is on the same level with universities as most employers recognise it. I do not think that after completing the next level of my course, I will have a problem finding employment” Feedback from Daniel

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"Was great experience, still doing my course and enjoying it. The academy gives lots of support and encouragement, and looking so forward to completing my course and start my own business. " Feedback from Gladys

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"This course taught me to problem solve, and has given me knowledge in everyday life in a commercial environment." Feedback from Isaac

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"Well, I enjoyed studying at my own pace. The study material was perfect and I managed to study without running around asking for assistance. I really enjoyed my Human Resources course with Academy of York." Feedback from Innocentia

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