Study Today, Secure Tomorrow

Study Today, Secure Tomorrow

The more you learn today, the more you earn tomorrow 

In today’s business world, the more educated, qualified and skilled you are, the higher your earning ability. In short: the more you learn, the more you earn.

“Learning is the beginning of wealth.” – Jim Rohn

As you study and learn today, improving your qualifications, increasing your skills and becoming more educated, doors of opportunities open to better-paying positions, promotions, partnerships and success in your career, securing your future.

Here are four ways you can study today to secure tomorrow.


1. Take up training opportunities at work
If your company or industry offers training, seminars, conferences or online courses, grab these opportunities. Not only will it improve your skills set, but a list of training courses completed successfully will always look good on your CV. In addition, it is a great way to meet and network with others in your industry.

2. Educate yourself
Industries are transforming fast thanks to technology, regulations, consumer expectations and market conditions. To stay current, keep up with trends and grow professionally, you must become a lifelong learner – in the workplace and outside. Keep your knowledge up to date by signing up to industry forums and groups; reading books, papers and news articles pertinent to your field; watching presentations and videos by experts; and attending industry events and seminars.

3. Learn from colleagues
Often our colleagues teach us outright by telling us what to do and how, but you can also learn from those you work with by paying attention to the tasks they perform and how they do it. Of course, asking questions and getting feedback from your colleagues is one of the best ways to learn more on the job.

4. Obtain a recognised qualification
A recognised professional qualification is sought-after among employers, because it confirms that you have mastered industry-specific knowledge and skills. Having a recognised qualification will most certainly give you an edge over less qualified applicants for a new job or an internal promotion. A qualification also demonstrates your commitment to training and career development to potential employers and partners.

Once you’ve gained a professional qualification, it will have a beneficial impact on your entire career, adding potentially hundreds of thousands of Rands to your lifetime earnings, while also opening new opportunities for career success.

At Academy of York, we make it affordable to get a recognised qualification and give you fanatical student support to make it much easier to study today, so you can secure tomorrow