Super Habits – 10 Habits to Boost Your Success

Super Habits

10 Habits to Boost Your Success

Studies have indicated that an estimated 40% to 95% of what we do, we do out of habit. According to the Oxford Dictionary, habit is defined as something you do often and almost without thinking.

Given that such a significant percentage of what we do – and do often – is habit, it makes sense that good habits will have a substantial positive benefit on all aspects of your life. In fact, various studies have shown that successful individuals have several specific habits in common. For example, author Thomas Corley spent five years studying the habits of wealthy people before writing Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals and his conclusions are similar to that of many other experts.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”~ Aristotle

  1. Be Consistent

    Successful people are consistent in their carefully selected habits and routines, sticking with them day after day, regardless of how they are feeling or how challenging life gets.

  2. Be Focussed 

    Blocking out distractions, focusing single-mindedly on goals and routines, and mastering single-tasking are also common traits among successful people.

  3. Be a Visionary

    High achievers have a very specific vision that is written down and used as a map to guide their daily decisions and actions.

  4. Be Persistent

    Successful people are relentless in pursuit of their goals. They face adversity, overcome obstacles and find ways to resolve challenges. Quitting is not an option.

  5. Be Obsessive 

    High achievers are almost fanatical – thinking and dreaming about their goals almost 24/7 and continuously looking for opportunities and solutions.

  6. Processed-Oriented 

    Successful people experiment with habits, routines and processes until they find what works best, and then follow these processes with persistence.

  7. Action-Oriented

    Successful people continuously take decisive action. They enthusiastically pursue activities that move them forward towards achieving their goals and dreams.

  8. Calculated Risk Takers

    By learning and doing their research thoroughly, high achievers overcome their fear of mistakes and failure and take calculated risks with confidence.

  9. Deliberate Practice   

    The most successful people maintain and improve their skills daily through Deliberate Practice – a purposeful and systematic type of practice performed with focused attention and the specific goal of improving performance.

  10. Self-Educated   

    High achievers pursue learning every day. They become experts in their fields by growing their knowledge through education. This is a success habit that is easy to adopt by, for example, taking an online course or studying at a local accredited training institution like Academy of York, where it is affordable to get a recognised qualification and fanatical student support makes it much easier to complete your studies.

Adopting some of these super habits that have proven very effective for so many successful individuals will go a long way to boost your own success and to help you achieve the goals and dreams you have set.

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