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Supply Chain Management

The field of Supply Chain Management has evolved to such a degree, that it is an essential part of our growing economy. If you wish to become a part of the Supply Chain environment where control, management and securing the movement of goods from suppliers to customers has become an ever increasing need critical to companies all over the world, then this NQF aligned course is designed for you.

The ideal candidate for the programme is anyone who is interested in the mysteries of logistics management or wants to expand their knowledge profile and add another skillset to their CV. It is also recommended for the small to medium business manager who wants to improve logistics.

Full Course

  • Supply Chain Management Certificate
    This NQF aligned comprehensive certificate is for people who are currently working in, or want to be appointed in the Supply Chain Management division within the workplace.

Course Modules

  • Basics of Supply Chain Management
    Covers managing the complete flow of materials in a supply chain from suppliers to customers. Supply chain concepts are introduced and standard terminology emphasized, as are relationships among activities in the supply chain.
  • Planning of Supply Chain Management
    This course looks at the forward-looking process of coordinating assets to optimize the delivery of goods, services and information from supplier to customer.
  • Implementation of Supply Management
    This course looks at the philosophy of supply chain management, the supply chain infrastructure, processes within supply chain and strategies to optimise operational supply.

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