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As you look in the mirror at the start of a New Year, are you happy with what you see? Are you the person you want to be? Have you achieved what you set out to accomplish in your life?

How Academy of York opened up a world of opportunity for me and gave me the drive to become a published author!


Mojalefa Rapao first enrolled with Academy of York in 2012.  He enrolled for a Life Coaching course and his story below is a powerful example of how education and the drive to succeed can change your life. ‘’When I first

Refresh & Rejuvenate your Resume – JULY 2014


  What better time than winter to reflect on the year and your accomplishments to date? Has the year so far been your best yet? Have you perhaps learnt a new skill or acquired new knowledge? Instead of waiting until

The 3 C’s Of Life – JUNE 2014


Have you noticed the changes? Suddenly it’s chilly in the morning and evenings, the leaves of the trees have turned all shades of red, brown and golden, and whether it is 6am or 6pm it is dark. Whether you welcome

Make it work for you this May – MAY 2014


In May we celebrate Workers Day and I am always aware of how many hours we invest at work. The question that comes to mind is does that investment pay off? The average person spends a vast amount of time

Turn your Passion into a Career – FEB2014


February is a month dedicated to love, romance and passion! Everywhere in the shops you’ll find red flowers, hearts and messages of love abound. This February we challenge you to ask yourself a vital question… No we don’t want to

8 Great Pointers to Success – NOV 2013


Whew, it has been a long year and as we enter the month of November I realise that within 10 weeks 2013 will be over and we will begin a new year! Was 2013 a great year for you? If

Tips to Make a Good First Impression Last


The saying first impressions last – is true and more often than not we make every effort to make a good  first impression. Many of our students study in order to improve their lives, either by getting a promotion at

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