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Refresh & Rejuvenate your Resume – JULY 2014

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Refresh & Rejuvenate your Resume – JULY 2014


  What better time than winter to reflect on the year and your accomplishments to date? Has the year so far been your best yet? Have you perhaps learnt a new skill or acquired new knowledge? Instead of waiting until

Get Inspired – OCT 2013


This quote inspired me because it is based on the principal that success is possible and achievable for all of us, as long as we are inspired and willing to work hard. The story of Thomas Edison, an American businessman

Yes You Can: Overcoming common study problems – AUG 2013


YES YOU CAN, OVERCOMING COMMON STUDY PROBLEMS: Investing in your education and studying via correspondence is recognised internationally and here at home, as one of the most effective ways of learning. This growth has been stimulated by thousands of people realising

Tips to Make a Good First Impression Last


The saying first impressions last – is true and more often than not we make every effort to make a good  first impression. Many of our students study in order to improve their lives, either by getting a promotion at

Get into the driver’s seat of your life!


How do you get your dream career, improve your results in your studies, and attain overall success in your life? The answer to this question lies in 2 words – Self Management. Self-Management as defined by Wikipedia refers to methods, skills, and

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