The Right to Education

How to make it work for you

As we celebrate Human Rights Day in South Africa, it is a great opportunity to think about how privileged we are to enjoy these rights, and how we can exercise our rights to improve our lives, and those around us.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that education is a fundamental human right for everyone. It means that the right to education is a right every human enjoys, and that this right to education is necessary to exercise other human rights.

The reason why education is so important among the Universal Human Rights is because it has proven to bring so many benefits, not only to the educated student but also to their families, communities and even the world.

Benefits of Education

1. Your education working for you

Quite simply: the more you learn, the more you earn. With no education, future prospects are often limited to menial work that pays minimal wages. High school graduates earn better than those with no or only primary school education, and college graduates can earn twice as much. There is no doubt that the more educated person has a better chance at being hired for a job, and the greater likelihood of being promoted to a higher position.

The more education you have, the more opportunities are open to you. Each level of education unlocks new opportunities to increase your education even further; to qualify for even higher paying positions; and to earn ever more over the lifespan of your career.

2. Your education working for the world

It is well-documented that the more educated people there are in a community, the more democracy, peace and tolerance there is. Education also drives economic competitiveness; has synergistic, poverty-reducing effects; and promotes concern for the environment.

As former president Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

3. Your education – easier than you think

At the Academy of York, we are all about helping our students unlock the benefits of education. Our wide range of certified NQF-aligned online courses are an affordable and convenient way to study, and our support team provides you with fanatical support every step of the way.

Your Academy of York student advisor is ready and enthusiastic to assist you in choosing the ideal course and to help you learn more, so you can earn more – and make the world a better place!

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