Turn up the heat this winter – 5 Winning Strategies for Winter

Few of us look forward to the short, cold, bleak and often wet winter days that lie ahead. In fact, many people are prone to what has been termed “winter blues” – a mood shift during the colder, darker days of winter towards feeling more lethargic, gloomy and down overall.

Fortunately, you can counter the winter blues and even turn up the heat on your productivity this winter by implementing the easy and winning winter strategies.

” Winter forms our character and brings out our best.” ~ Tom Allen

5 Winning Strategies for Winter

1. Set winter goals

Set yourself a few inspiring goals or tasks suited for the winter months to brighten up each day with a sense of purpose. Think about what you could achieve in the three months until Spring and write it down. For each item on your list, create a step by step to-do list and allocate time for each. Then simply take the first step, and then the next – and soon you’ll arrive in Spring with a great sense of accomplishment. looking for opportunities and solutions.

2. Soak up the sunshine

With less sunlight in the winter – and consequently less Vitamin D – our bodies feel more tired. Every winter’s day ensure you get some sunshine – even if it is just a 10-minute walk outside or finding a sunny spot outside or by a window to enjoy your coffee. It will lift your spirits and refresh your perspective. You can also supplement your Vitamin D by taking a supplement or eating foods like salmon, eggs and nuts.

3. Take care

With winter comes the cold weather, and being cold affects motivation, productivity and immunity.

Take care of yourself this winter by keeping your body and your space at a comfortable temperature. Moving your body also helps to beat the cold, so dedicate the winter months to finding your favourite exercise suitable for indoors, such as a treadmill. yoga, or dancing. Make your winter “comfort” foods and drinks healthier by, for example, drinking warm tea instead of coffee and giving preference to a cup of hot soup or a hearty stew instead of rich, heavy foods that will leave you feeling sluggish. Taking a multi-vitamin will also help to boost your immune system and keep your healthy all winter long.

4. Catch up on inside jobs

Winter is the ideal time to catch up on those “inside” jobs you don’t want to do when you could be having fun in the sun outside.

Over the next three months, there is bound to be plenty of extra indoor time, so make the best use of it by ticking all those outstanding “inside” jobs like repairs, maintenance and DIY-projects, as well as the filing, paperwork and admin that has been piling up during the year. You could also get ahead with your Spring cleaning during the winter – for example, decluttering your closets and sorting through your computer files.

5. Broaden your knowledge

Make the most of the longer “couch time” we have in winter but using it to broaden your knowledge, sharpen your abilities and learn a new skill.

It could be time for catching up on your reading, watching videos – educational and entertaining – or immersing yourself in a new “inside” hobby, like building models, making crafts or learning new cooking skills. Extra inside time also creates the ideal opportunity to take one of our Academy of York short courses online, so you go into Spring with new knowledge, skills and abilities.

Implementing these winning winter strategies will empower you to beat the winter blues this year and instead turn up the heat on your productivity, boosting your progress towards the goals and dreams you have set.

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