What’s working in your career?

What’s working in your career?

Four ways to make your time at work count

Workers Day, celebrated this month, is a reminder of just how much time we spend at work – often at least 8 hours a day, or one third of your daily 24 hours. Given that work takes up a third of your time on most days, it is important to take time, at least once a year, to review whether this substantial investment of your time is taking where you want to be in your career? If not, it is important to realise that whatever job you have now, it is an opportunity to acquire skills and experience, to hone your professionalism, to master teamwork and to discover the power of being a positive person in the work place – all of which will help you accelerate your career.

Here are a few ways to ensure that your time at work is working for you and helping you achieve your career goals.

DO IT WELLJust doing a job is not the same as doing your job well and with pride. Make an extra effort to do it well. Think of even better ways you could do it or how you could add more value. Volunteer for additional projects and responsibilities. It not only brings greater job satisfaction but also new opportunities or even a new direction for your career.

BE PROFESIONALBeing professional means dressing appropriately, following the rules and being punctual, friendly, helpful and well-mannered. Take a professional interest in your work by learning more about your company and your work. Take opportunities for additional education and training that it offers.

BE A GOOD TEAM PLAYERAlmost all workplaces require people to be good team players. Learn more about team work, try to be a good team member and make it pleasant for others to work in a team with you. Be part of the team by mentoring new employees and younger colleagues. This will also help you cultivate relationships and even friendships with others in the workplace.

THE POWER OF BEING A POSITIVE PERSONYou don’t have to be annoyingly cheerful all the time, but a positive disposition and a can-do attitude is important. People like working with – and helping – co-workers with a positive attitude. Don’t be the one who is always quick to point out the problems. Instead, strive to be a problem-solver. Problem-solvers are valuable in every workplace.