Year-End Review

Learning from your year, celebrating your progress   

For many of us, our repetitive routines and hectic schedules make it seem that the years just blend into each other, each one simply a replay of the previous, without any progress or improvement.

A year-end review provides an opportunity to really reflect on the year that has passed to identify the lessons you learnt, the accomplishments you achieved and the challenges you overcame, to review and celebrate your progress; and to regain your focus to tackle the year ahead with renewed enthusiasm.

Fortunately, it is easy to do a personal year-end review following the steps detailed below.

1. Reflect on the different areas of life 

While it may often seem that all our time and energy go into simply making a living month after month, reflecting on all the different areas of life will help you to assess what’s truly important to you and to identify where things are out of balance.

The different areas of life include for example, your family and friends; your health and well-being; your home and environment; your job or career; your finances; and your personal growth and development.

2.  Ask the right questions

In each area of your life, ask yourself these questions:

– What did I accomplish in this area of my life during the year?

– What worked in this area of my life? What should I continue doing?

– What didn’t work? What should I stop doing?

– What lessons have I learned from this area of life over the past year?

– What are the differences between how things are and how I want them to be?

– What do I need to do for things to be how I want them to be in each area of my life?

– What tangible steps do I need to take to make it happen?

Answering these questions are not about finding fault, highlighting failures or assigning blame. It is about taking an objective look at the accomplishments and challenges in the different areas of your life, and to identify simple steps to achieve what you want across all the areas of your life.

3. Refocus your energy

Honestly answering these questions for each area of your life will leave you with a clear overview of how your life is going, what you want to change and what steps that you can begin to implement during the new year to make these changes.

However, trying to change in all the areas of your life at once and in one go will likely overwhelm you, hindering instead of helping your progress. Rather focus on creating a sustainable step-by-step plan to implement over the next 12 months, prioritising the areas of your life that is most important to you. Make it as easy as possible for yourself to succeed by focussing on one step at a time.

A year-end review will help you remember the highlights of the year, the accomplishments and the challenges you overcame. It will allow you to refocus on what really matters to you and to bring the life you want even closer to you, one step at a time over the next year.

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” ~ Peter F. Druckera



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